What We Do

Core Operations:

Our anchor business is built on providing best in class laundry service and linen management to the hospitality industry.  We also offer platforms for linen and housekeeping management, on premise laundry consultation, and centralized laundry development and conversion.

Our key services include:

  • Outsourced laundry and dry cleaning for customer owned goods or rental programs, including rooms linen and terry, F&B table linen and banquet items, pool, beach, spa and fitness textiles, and specialty pieces, robes, uniforms, valet, mats and curtains.
  • “Total Linen Management” – a unique 360-degree program with dock-to-closet linen management and laundry service.
  • On-premise and central laundry management and consultation for hotel ownership groups and independent properties.  We lend our expertise and proven procedures for a deep dive analysis on costs effective strategies for operating a more efficient on premise or centralized laundry or converting to an outsourced model.

Our laundry facilities are built around cutting-edge, environmentally conscious technologies which set the standard for operational excellence in our industry.  Our in-house engineering team constantly maintains equipment, chemistry and engineering to assure consistent and high-quality performance.

Our facilities boast the most up to date equipment in the business, including:

  • Pulse Flow wash tunnels
  • Automated and overhead rail systems for soil and clean side production
  • Thermal, steam and gas ironers, multi lane feeders, and sortable folders
  • Proprietary chemistry and wash formulas from leading chemical partners
  • Perc free dry cleaning
  • Complete plant redundancy with multi-regional sister facilities, backup boilers and generators

Customer Service:

We have spent decades refining our craft and offer around the clock, proactive and responsive communication and customer service.  Using the latest technology and a focus on nurturing long-standing client relationships nothing is more important to us than listening to and working to support our partners.  

We have fully dedicated service teams for every client, and at each of our facilities whom report to and work directly with our production managers.

Our service benefits include:

  • A customized CRM (Customer Relationship Management) cloud-based portal and software for each client
  • LinenMaster laundry management and distribution software for daily client production tracking
  • Tablet delivery system for real time manifests and product control
  • GPS fleet tracking
  • RFID technology for uniform and specialty item management

Consultation and Development:

Identifying the need for a trustworthy industry consultancy, we developed an independent, PureStar consulting group.  We are the industry’s only consulting resource comprised of day-to-day laundry operators, engineers, equipment distributors, housekeepers, safety and utility advisors and Six Sigma trained leaders.  

By leveraging the talents of our seasoned team of professionals, we provide strategies for operational efficiency, quality control and cost mitigation initiatives for varied projects, including:

  • Centralized laundry development
  • Linen management and distribution practices
  • Housekeeping best practices and leadership
  • Equipment analysis, sales, and appraisal
  • Regional service provider best practices and management services

Environmental Stewardship:

PureStar has grown with a commitment to doing well by doing the right thing for our environment.  

We have a daily focus on finding the most eco-conscious methods of production in our facilities from utilizing heat exchange technology, and water recycle programs, to EPA approved wash formulas, LED lighting and compressed natural gas trucks and dozens of other programs.